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Effective September 30, 2020

Rio Valley Estates has park rules so residents know what is expected of them. Adherence to these rules is required of all Rio residents. City, county, and State laws are enforced in the park. You shall not use the park or your lot forany illegal puroses, or in any manner to create a nuisance or trespass. Conducting a business within the park is prohibited. Good neighbors make the entire park a better place.


This is a senior park for people at least 55 years of age. We will accept couples where one person is over 55 if the other is at least 40 years old. Children and adults under 55 are not accepted as permanent residents, but may visit and stay with a resident for up to 2 weeks per season. Residents will be charged a $10.00 fee per week per person for any guest who stays longer than two weeks. Residents MUST buy a guest identification badge for their guests.

Any new resident(s) to the park MUST under go a background check ($25 each.), residency application, sign the rules and other paperwork, and be approved by Managementbefore purchasing a home in order to live in the park. This process also applies to all seasonal renters.

 All rents and fees are due the first of each month. After the 5th of the month a late fee of $10. will be charged. An additional $10. late fee will be assessed after the 15th of the month. Returned checks for insufficient funds, a “stop payment” or any other reason will be the responsibility of the tenant for a charge of $25.

All residents will need a remote for entrance into the Park. They are available at the office for purchase by fulltime residents and by lease for short tem residents ONLY. No remotes are to be used by anyone other than a resident of the Park.


Rio Valley amenities are here for the use of Rio Valley residents and their overnight guests and are not open for use to the general public. Residents must accompany any guest under 18 while using ANY amenities.Please observe all pool rules as clearly posted in the pool area. Name badges should be worn by all residents and guests to all park functions.

 Laundry is available outside the park office. Hours are posted in the laundry room.

 Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in Recreation areas except at approved functions.

Smoking is not permitted in any building including RESTROOMS.


Mobile home owners must maintain their lots by either doing the work themselves or hiring someone to do the work for them. This includes lawn mowing, spraying for weeds in rock areas, weeds around your home, tree and shrubbery trimming, tending to fallen fruit from their trees, and the washing and upkeep of one’s home on the outside. THIS INCLUDES THE SUMMER MONTHS. A charge of up to $250.00 (as deemed by management) will be assessed each time the park has to attend to a lot that is overgrown.

One must obtain Management’s approval before digging or planting trees and bushes. No castor bean plants may be planted.

 Before construction of any additions to your mobile home, awning, or shed you must obtain Management and City approvals, and conform to building ordinances, as well as submit plans and drawings of said addition to the office for approval. TV dishes over 18” in diameter are not permitted, and dishes must be installed on the back of the home.

Outside contractors working in Rio Valley Estates must be insured, bonded, and carry Workman’s Compensation insurance, and register at the office every time they enter the park.All contractors are responsible for disposal of trash and debris OUTSIDE of the park.

Branches and clippings must be placed in front of the mobile, on your lot, where it can be seen. If you have a large amount of clippings, please save some for the following pick up day. Large cactus and tree limbs must be cut in 2 foot sections.Clippings will be picked up Mondays and Fridays, weather permitting. Please keep your clipping pile to 4’x4’x4’ to avoid a back-up in the dumpsters. Take your garbage anytime to the dumpsters located in the back of the 99’s.

 The resident is responsible for the sewer line from the home to where it connects to the main line. Any stoppage in the line, other than from underground tree roots or an underground break in the line is the resident’s responsibility. Resident is responsible for the water line from the resident’s home to meter. Resident is responsible for the electric line from the home to the meter. Management is not responsible for any gas or electric lines.


No vehicle repairs are allowed in the park. The park speed limit is no more than 15 mph and will be enforced. NO ATV’s are allowed. All golf carts MUST have lights or flashers after dark. Only licensed drivers are permitted to drive golf carts. Any driver under 18 MUST be accompanied by the golf cart owner. For purposes of identification of your golf cart, place your lot number on your cart where it is visible. If walking after dark, please wear reflective clothing or carry a light, for your safety.

 No parking on the grass for more than 2 days. All golf carts and cars MUST have concrete, rocks, or patio blocks underneath for permanent parking. There is no parking on the street.


Pets MUST be on a leash AT ALL TIMES when outside of your home. We have a pet park where you may exercise your pet. It is spayed for fleas and bugs on a regular basis.No pet fences or outdoor pets are allowed. You must clean up after your pet. There is a maximum of two (2) per lot and weighing no more than 25 lbs. each. When one pet passes, you cannot get another. Pets are not allowed in the hall, lobby, card room, pool area, laundry, or other residents’ yards.                



You may place a “for sale by owner” sign, no larger than 8x11 inside the front window with your number and home information on it.

 If you do not wish to sell it yourself, you can list it with Ranchero Sales, Inc.


Out of respect for your neighbors’ privacy, please avoid cutting through lots. Evening Quiet Time in the park from Sunday through Thursday begins at 10:00 p.m. Evening Quiet Time on Friday and Saturday begins at 11 p.m. Loud music disruptive to the neighbors is not allowed at any time.


Utility trailers and car dollies are the only things allowed in the bullpen, and parked around the edge of the fence. Leave access to the storage shed, dog park, and piles of dirt and/or crushed rock. No dumping or trash allowed to be left there. There is no charge for this storage, but if the bullpen is full, you must take your item to an offsite storage facility.

All RV’s and travel trailers are to be parked in rows A or B and a $50. storage fee per month is charged. If requested, those sites will be reversed for seasonal monthly customers. Once those rows are full, you must take your item to an offsite storage facility. This rule will be up for revision once rows A and B are remodeled.


Any resident’s home known to have any bug infestation must have their home exterminated by a professionally licensed contractor ASAP to eliminate the spread and to ensure the safety of all residents. A letter on the company’s letterhead must be provided to park management stating the home is treated and free of bugs. Failure to do so will be a violation of the rules.


Management may terminate the lease agreement or evict a resident for:

The tenant fails to timely pay rent or other amounts due under these rules:

Conviction of a violation of a federal or state law, or local ordinance which violation may be deemed by Management to be detrimental to the health, safety, or welfare of other residents of the community.

Violation of community rules and regulations or any applicable law.


All persons who enter or live in the community do so at their own risk. Management and ownership of the community absolve themselves from all liability or responsibility pertaining to loss by accident, damage, fire, theft, vehicle or any other cause to person or property, regardless of the location of the incident in the community.