Our Story

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715 N. Westgate Dr.

Weslaco, TX 78596


In 1971, Al Young developed and opened the park for occupancy of mobile homes only.  Gas light was at each curb and each lot had a palm tree.  The travel trailers had to park at the back of each lot in order to connect for services.  Each trailer was given a strip of roofing material by their steps since there wasn't any cement. Before 1973, the streets were all caliche, but in the fall of that year, the streets were paved.  Of the 40 acres, only 20 acres were developed.  This was from the office building and to the north.  South of the office building was a grapefruit and navel orange grove where residents could pick what they wanted.  Where the RV spaces are now was a parsley field.

JR and Audrey Sigrist became managers of the park in 1973.  That year the swimming pool and hot tub were installed.  The day both were opened and dedicated was a banner day complete with a parade.

1974 saw JR and Audrey become owners of the park.  The first news letters were printed that year and the Monday morning park meetings started.  The office building served for all functions.  A gift ship and small kitchen were available.  All games were played there.  Friday night programs were mostly skits starring the park residents.  The northeast corner was made into a stage complete with a curtain.  The Sigrists printed the first park book on legal paper in 1975.

In September of 1975, the park was sold to Mike and Ann Moreland.  Walter Piper, Ed Lampman and Leonard Reeves purchased the park in 1981.  In 1985, the park became the design we enjoy today. 

Our Managers and Maintenance Teams dedication make this park one of the nicest in the region.